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Doocy asked one of the most disgusting questions ever and Karine made him pay for it.
Aaron Rupar
The execs at @ATT are laughing. They think this story is blowing over – just as they thought it would. We will not allow that to happen. Retweet if you demand ATT respond to the allegations that they fund 90% of OAN. #HangUpOnATT
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Every Fox News host is vaccinated. Every. Fucking. One. But hey, kill the audience to own the libs, Rupert. Hell of a legacy.
I have just been told that the FBI is interviewing Capitol Police officers today. They can start here.
Suspended from all social media, @realDonaldTrump is currently ranting about Mitt Romney on an Amazon customer review page for dress socks.
Every Member of Congress that speaks tonight should address Pence directly and tell him to invoke the 25th Amendment.
It is exactly who you are. Traitors. A scourge to be purged.
Storytime with BDD: Election victory, Minority McConnell, and seditious assault on the Capitol.ALSO, more fun from The Liddle'est President! 🍄 🍄…
The fascists totally are going to take over DC but first they need to find parking. (3 hours is enough to execute a coup, right?)
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Over 300,000 people have died from the Trump virus, Trump's lies. #PsychoTrump
@RudyGiuliani It’s not complicated. To stop losing all the lawsuits, just remember to show evidence. But maybe that’s not the point. It’s the 20K per day, amirite? Something about some huge legal expenses coming up after Jan. 20?
I’ve never seen so much small dick energy and missing teeth concentrated into one place. #ProudBoys #MillionMoronMarch
MY NEW VIDEO: #NoOneWantsYourGuns This video exposes the smears and lies Trump and the Republican party have sold to their voters for years. We really need 7,500 retweets of this important video. Please RETWEET and QUOTE RETWEET it with hashtag #NoOneWantsYourGuns
Why did @NBCNews decide to air a live televised town hall with Trump Thursday night at a time that competes directly against @ABC’s ALREADY SCHEDULED event with Joe Biden? Why force viewers who want to watch both choose only one? This is a disservice to democracy! #BoycottNBC