Six months after the FBI raided hundreds of safe deposit boxes in Beverly Hills, it has produced no evidence of criminal wrongdoing by the vast majority of box holders & it used a false drug trafficking accusation to try to take away a man’s life savings.…
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Add this to them grabbing private land (eminent domain) they want and the concept of being free in those country is even more of a joke. COMPARATIVELY free compared to Singapore, North Korea, etc., sure. 🙄

Sep 20, 2021 · 6:39 PM UTC

Almost correct. Visit Singapore. It might sound strict, but it's mostly great. Also if you really want to get nasty and let your hair down, all you do is go over the bridge to Malaysia. Lots of people use Singapore as their "nice suburb", in a sense, where everything is peachy
Also Singapore's broad interpretations of corruption make it a surprisingly nice society to interface in. Very similar to Nordic countries in a way. I was scared to hell of it before visiting, but it's actually a cool place.