“There are but two parties now: traitors and patriots. And I want hereafter to be ranked with the latter and, I trust, the stronger party." — Ulysses S. Grant

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“We see how people are prioritized just because they’re older and have more money to drive cars." A group of teenagers in Portland, citing climate change and equity, are among those leading the revolt against a planned widening of I-5. @mslaurabliss bloomberg.com/news/features/…
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Black parents need to flood these tip lines with complaints about our history being silenced. We are parents too
“Youngkin also touted a tip line for parents to report to the state any school officials they find to be behaving objectionably — including teaching ‘divisive’ subjects” washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/…
Straight talk express right there.
Biden: What a stupid son of a bitch
“Truth-telling is related to our understanding of the common realm of existence, our ability to share our experiences.” The cost of distrust of knowledge “has been the fabric from which we take our bearings in the world.” SCOTUS stealth attack on expertise j.st/51UD
This is what the filibuster accomplishes. It obfuscates responsibility. And neither Manchin nor Sinema want a responsive, responsible Senate.
10 years ago, former Justice Souter made a prediction that keeps me up at night. It is spot on.
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Japan has seen 146 deaths per million people in the pandemic so far. The United States has had about 2,590 deaths per million!
An amazing piece by Japan's Dr. Oshitani—that I learned so much from—on how Japan did so well by recognizing the key role of airborne spread, presymptomatic transmission and superspreading by FEBRUARY OF 2020. What good "following the science" looks like. nytimes.com/2022/01/24/opini…
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Most people are wildly underestimating how both large and rhetorically violent this anti-vaccine movement is. They are a gigantic, one-issue political movement that will eventually coalesce behind one candidate and make extreme demands before 2024. Buckle up.
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The prevalence of Holocaust trivialization at anti-vax protests points to how central antisemitism is to the conspiratorial worldview. You might start out not thinking of Jews, but go deep enough into theories of powerful manipulative cabals, and you always end at the Jews.
"nearly one in five health care workers have quit their jobs since the beginning of the pandemic" Unfortunately a rational response to the insane burnout of caring for people, then seeing 1/2 of the entire political class denigrate such basic health interventions as vax & mask.
This is seriously f'd up: at-will workers quit their jobs for higher pay, old employer asks court to block them from starting said new jobs until they can re-hire, judge grants injunction preventing them from starting their new jobs. AT-WILL WORKERS. postcrescent.com/story/news/…
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Replying to @johnastoehr
"I didn't enter the Capitol on Jan. 6" is the new "I didn't inhale"
If one isn't in the insular Beltway world, this isn't a positive.
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I am proud to lead a religious tradition with a long legacy of advocating for safe, legal, accessible abortion care. And we know that this fight is about much more than just abortion access; it is about human dignity and autonomy. bit.ly/3xKpvef #RoeAnniversary #UU
Sen. Dems "were within striking distance, & Manchin literally went on FOX to blow it up because of the wording of a press release. These are not people who can be engaged on rational terms. They’ll keep moving the goal posts." @bettycrackerfl Oh HELL no! balloon-juice.com/2022/01/22…
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The Republican Leader of the U.S. Senate this week flat out distinguished Black people from “Americans” and there’s no wall-to-wall coverage or calls for his resignation. This is where we are.
"The Committee understands multiple takes of the video were filmed but not utilized. Information in [our] possession suggests the President failed in the initial clips to ask rioters to leave the Capitol." Trump could barely bring himself to say: leave! And added the 'love' bit.
This is the remarkable letter the 1/6 Comte sent to Ivanka Trump today. It's chock full of details. january6th.house.gov/sites/d…
I disliked so much of GW Bush's presidency. So dang many policy and leadership failures. But I'll grant this: He had a diverse cabinet and offered a GOP direction that sought to sweep in conservative-leaning POC. That ended abruptly with Trump's escalator ride.
It can be tempting to write off GOP opposition to voting rights as a mere consequence of partisans being partisans. But that’s not it. The GOP is the party of a dwindling white majority and is fighting tooth and nail to maintain racial hierarchy. That’s what makes it all so vile.
The US Chambers are deeply anti-democracy.
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The US Chamber also fought against voting rights legislation and filibuster reform. As @andrewperezdc reported, the Chamber has sway with Manchin & Sinema, and the pair echoed Chamber talking points when describing their opposition to filibuster changes. dailyposter.com/the-filibust…
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This story is more "failure froth" from mainstream media. FDR and LBJ had huge majorities in Congress. Biden has none. FDR and LBJ did not face an opposition party united to promote or condone election fraud. Where vision fails... nytimes.com/2022/01/21/us/po… via @GoogleNews