"You cannot dream in the presence of the Taliban," says @Sahar_fetrat at the @UN_HRC, telling the story of Farzana, a 15-year-old Afghan girl. In Afghanistan, lives are being stolen from women and girls by the Taliban.

Jul 1, 2022 · 2:33 PM UTC

International organizations of blue and white color that are missing only the six-pointed star care about women's nudity and homosexuality more than they care about human life.
چرا به زبان خود صحبت نمی کنید از دست شما زنان افغان روز ندارد شما زن های بدبخت مزدور پروژي برای منافع شخصی تان کار می کنید نه برای زنان افغان ما ضرورت به شما فروخته شده ها نداریم که از اردس غرب و آمریکا برای زنان طلب حقوق شان باشیم
Why do you sleep abroad? But women like you don't let foreigners sleep
Replying to @hrw @Sahar_fetrat
The refugees from foreign country has to sort their refugees problems out! #stop judging afghan women! Who were you to talk about afghan women! Where was @UN_HRC when we got killed by foreign troops! I lost my love one who was working in farm watering the corn and they shot him😡
American did all he could but the whole world let Afghan dawn in the name of bitter political interest.
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