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Good lord. I knew ivermectin kills your boner, I didn't know it would do the same thing to anyone who looked at you.
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Over the coming days I will discuss herbal abortifacient tox so that we as healthcare professionals can be prepared for whatever happens…but know that these methods are NOT SAFE and do not even come close to being as good as misoprostol. Please read: vajenda.substack.com/p/stop-…
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Abortion is still legal in Oregon. We are here providing abortion care to anyone, from anywhere, who needs it. We’re here for you.
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The only abortion clinic in West Virginia is no longer performing abortions, as of today. “Roe has never been enough, but in states like West Virginia, it was the only thing protecting abortion access,” executive director Katie Quinonez said. apnews.com/article/live-upda…
Incredible. He someone brought 6 children into the world and raised them singlehandedly while also achieving his professional goals. I'm sure that his Weekly Reviewing was what helped him get there and it had absolutely nothing to do with oh I dunno his spouse or staff.
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This girl I knew thought she had her mother's name tattooed on her in Japanese. It was actually the name of a type of soup. Why are you tattooing things you cannot read onto your bodies?
I have learned the hard way to not tell patients what their Chinese tattoo says. Don’t ask me why. 👀
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Friends-If you were tear-gassed in July 2020 while peacefully protesting at the #Portland federal courthouse, we are pursuing a class action. If you want to join, please call us (503)228-6474 or DM me. We need to take steps to make a claim for you. Time is short. Pls share.
One of my homeless patients got approved for skilled nursing- he's staying with us for rather than days. That gives our social workers more time to find him permanent housing. We've been celebrating all week 🥳
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Cant post whole thing but her page is gold
Oh dear. How terrible. How extra terrible it would be if this were to happen to every anti-abortion group's offices in every city in every state.
BREAKING: Somebody vandalized and allegedly threw Molotov cocktails into Wisconsin Family Action’s — an anti-abortion rights group — Madison office, writing w/ graffiti, “If abortions aren’t safe, then you aren’t either.” Story TK
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All of my residents get the best care I can give in the moment but I take special joy in caring for my formerly homeless residents. When applying A+D to their feet, I add an extra min of foot massage, wrap their feet in fuzzy socks and bring them a hot chocolate. I thank them
And they often ask me why? I thank all of my residents for allowing me to care for them. Thank you for letting me help you. Thank you for holding on long enough to get to me. Thank you for working for decades, in impossible circumstances, to stay here on Earth with us. Thank you.
I’m just saying. The offer stands. ⛺️
During Mental Health Awareness Week, our management sent us memes and told us to take time for self care before pressuring us to pick up additional shifts.
While it’s unknown specifically why the Kaiser nurse took his life, other nurses across California say the stress of their jobs rose during the pandemic and hasn't eased up with so many of their colleagues no longer wanting to work in hospitals. trib.al/ECZwrbK
It's not just hospitals. SNF nurses are struggling. We are understaffed, under paid and are exposed to trauma every day. Death, violence, verbal abuse, racist abuse, horrific wounds and infections, endless COVID... I'm watching my friends burn out day by day.
TW: suicide. Trying not to share articles that violate suicide reporting guidelines but this is a conversation we need to have. Nurses are not OK and pizza and pats on the back aren’t going to fix it. This affects all of us. abtc.ng/kaiser-nurse-suicide…
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My husband cleans the house and put piano music on so when I come home from my nursing shift, I come home to a beautiful space full of beautiful sounds. He massages my sore legs and gets dinner for us. I'm not hot or special. Hold out for a partner who supports you. They exist.
My husband makes me dinner every night, packs my lunch every day, and does the cleaning and laundry. Just putting this here for all the women, especially those in surgical residencies - men who support women do exist.
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Sorry to hear you lost your job you mite appreciate this😊
Zachary DeLong is a cold blooded killer and I'm appalled but not surprised that the PP promoted him to detective.
The Portland Police officer who killed Robert Delgado, Zack DeLong, has been promoted and is now a detective. This comes six months after the Multnomah County Grand Jury handed down a not-true bill, deciding he did no wrong. RIP Robert Delgado.
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