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The truth - TY #tulsi2024
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No más presidentes ancianos y corruptos como Biden y Trump. Necesitamos #tulsi2024.
The Biden Admin does not care about the American people. Permanent Washington loots us to serve the interests of the arms-manufacturing global oligarchy while we struggle to pay for rent, gas and groceries and our soldiers go on food stamps.
Still glad I didn’t vote for either of the Republican Parties. #teamye #tulsi2024
How do you bring salaam and shalom to people everywhere with comments like that. Our “army” is just United. #Tulsi2024
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I prefer presidents who are not senile! #Tulsi2024
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Eyes on the prize. Tell the Dems to F***~off. Vote 3rd Party & Independent. Dems R scum Republicans R scum #Tulsi2024
It’s a small club of criminals spending our money and living above the law. 🙏☮️ #Tulsi2024
Joe can’t find his way from the podium without mobilizing the secret service. I hope they cleared the streets of pedestrians before this photo-op. 😎#Tulsi2024 @TulsiGabbard
Get in, folks. We're building a better America:
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For one reason: Tulsi believes in free speech and thus uses Rumble, which is not a right-wing site but *a free speech site*. But since much of the liberal-left hates free speech & craves Big Tech censorship, anyone who supports it is now "on the right."…
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Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Dusting off the cobwebs and gaining new skills. Thanks to The Tactical Games for an incredible day of training.
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This saddens me. You should have been our commander and chief. #tulsi2024
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More like fantasize! #Tulsi2024
Democrats will Hold The House. We don’t agonize — we organize! -NP
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Absolutely manageable @TulsiGabbard @RandPaul @elonmusk I'm saying this again, @joerogan @JamieVernon Joe you got a job to do, get these 3 patriots in the same room. No need to record it, keep it secret. Let the bamf Tulsi, the bamf Rand, and the bamf Elon team up! #Tulsi2024
He is teaching principals of Buddhist thoughts applied to the failing Western Empire . Unfortunately that ends up stating the Truth occasionally, which is a threat according to the Elites like that New Zealand PM or @JustinTrudeau @rustyrockets #Tulsi2024 🙏☮️
I still can’t believe no one has talked about how @joerogan basically endorsed @TulsiGabbard for president in 2024 in his recent @AlexBerenson episode 1864. #Tulsi2024 Couldn’t agree more.
Why am I not comforted by the CIA’s intelligence assessment on the sabotage they predicted and threatened ? Oh, I know why, I remember 9/11 and all the nonsense that ensued 🙏☮️ #Tulsi2024
BREAKING: Fmr CIA Director John Brennan announces“Russia is the most likely suspect” in the Nord Stream pipeline attacks, says Russia will attack the other Russian pipelines to Europe soon