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⬜️ あるウイグル人女性の証言をもとに中国政府によるウイグル人弾圧の真実を描いた漫画「私の身に起きたこと」が動画になりました。14分ほどの作品です。ウイグル弾圧の悲惨な実態を知って頂ければと思います。 #Uighur 私の身に起きたこと - YouTube…
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#Rohingya children #Balochi children #Yemeni children #Uighur children #Yazidi children …………. Everybody plays favouritism with child victims . It’s abhorrent
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Wooing #Bangladeshi Govt may not be that easy. Chinese reputation of ill treating #Uighur Muslims travel faster that the travel time of the Chinese Envoy.
Peacefool states around #Israel hate Israel for reasons they know the best. Israel is an example for rest of the world when it comes to dealing with the peacefools. Also, why no ooh, aah, ouch for what China does to #uighur muslims in #Xinjiang? Are they second grade Muslims?
Israel is a terrorist state #GazaUnderAttack
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So u took that idea and put millions in slavery #uighurs u have enslaved 12 million #uighur #muslims living in #Xinjiang
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Does your brain recognize #Uighur word ?!
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Who you are to talk about J&K. Thats the internal issues of India. We will handle. You people open the border and welcome the islamic refugees like #uighur, #Rohingya and other terrorist groups. Earlier as ban #qatar for encouraging terrorism and funding.
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Have you courage to condemn China over atrocities committed against #Uighur Muslims? Israel has right to defend. Hosting terrorists of #AlQaeda in #Haqqanis houses in Kabul over order of #ISI is real crime. You have to stand trial in #ICC.
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Behavior of a country that dictates the conditions. The free world has to decide: do we accept this? #HongKong #uighur @SpeakerPelosi
China’s new 8 measures against US: 1 No more communication btwn military theatre leaders 2 No more Ministries of Defence working meetings 3 No more maritime security dialogues 4 No more illegal migrant repatriation 5 No more criminal justice assistance 6 No more climate talks
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#China oppresses Uighur people because they are Muslims #Uighur
للأسف خذلناهم ولم ننصرهم ..! معاناة مسلمي الإيغور تكشف ضعفنا وهواننا ..!
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Ouïghours assis, attachés et les yeux bandés, attendant d'être chargés dans des wagons de train et emmenés - quelque part. Images de drones d'un héros inconnu en Chine. #Uighur #Ouighours
Uighurs sitting, bound and blindfolded, waiting to be loaded onto train cars and taken — somewhere. Drone footage from an unknown hero in China. #Uighur
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No you don't. You just huff and puff and do nothing. China only a threat to its own people. #uighur
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You decimated a whole population because they are Muslims. You too have blood on your hand. #uighur